• Mobility Slovakia 2019

    Our first day together ended. We started the day with a presentation about our town. Despite of unfavourable weather, we went on a walk through the town. After lunch, we spent some time working. We learnt how to create websites and the logo of the project. On Monday afternoon we worked really hard. A few students learnt how to create a website and how to work with it. The others created the logo of the project. They made a few designs and the best was chosen. The winning one was made by a group from Lithuania. On Tuesday we had a course with a professional photographer Robo Kočan. Firstly he showed us his work and then we had the theoretical and practical part. In the end, he showed us how to use a computer to turn a basic photo into something special.

  • Mobility Poland 2021

    On the first day in Poland, we started by welcoming and presenting the plan to all participants. On the second day, we were in the town square in Krosno. We visited the museum and the church tower which had an amazing view of the entire city and we had a chance to take a walk around the market square. On the third day, we visited the village named Bobrka, where we spent the whole day. Later we were together and had a good time. The fourth day was interesting for us because we visited the city of Krakow. We started the day early with a long bus trip to Krakow from Krosno. When we arrived we were welcomed by a tour guide that showed us different important attractions in the city, such as Schindler's museum, one of the oldest synagogues in Poland and we walked over the Krakow bridge with locks.

  • Mobility Lithuania 2022

    Due to the war in Ukraine, we couldn´t meet up in Lithuania. So all 4 schools decided to meet up on Microsoft Teams. We learned about Lithuanian people, culture, state, architecture, history and notable places. Our buddies from Lithuania, prepared for us nice program, all four days were about how they earned their freedom from USSR, and about the great and breathtaking nature and food like "Zagareliai" ( Fried pastry strips ) and "Sakotis" ( tree cake ). From our position it was like that, we played a lot of Kahoot quizzes about Lithuania, and we watched a lot of videos and nice exhibitions made up of students from all countries. After all the Gymnázium duklianskych hrdinov ( Slovakia ) and ZSNG - Naftówka ( Poland ) settled to meet up in the city of Sanok. We visited Sanok, which is a historical village in south-east Poland where we were singing songs about wars and enjoyed historical monuments. After that, we went to the city where we visited Krolewski castle and later the historic square.

  • Mobility Norway 2022

    The first thing we did was meet them at Flesland airport. After a little bit, we arrived at the place they would be staying - Fjell-ly. After accommodation in a hotel, we met in a conference room and introduce ourselves. The rest of the day carried himself in a calm mood. We explored the surrounding area and played volleyball. The activities started on Tuesday when we went to Fjell Fortress - a former German army base. We learnt about local history and admire the beautiful nature of Norway. The second place we visited - Televåg and Nordsjøfartmuseet, the village of Televåg was the victim of Nazi pogrom. Day ended again with activities and a really good meal. On Wednesday, we visited the Coast museum and we visited the Blom fish farm right after, then we went to Vindenes and we talked about the plastic whale. On Thursday we went to Tranevågen Middle School and worked on the summary of every meeting we had. We made websites and videos in groups. The last two days we spend in the city of Bergen, we took a cable car to the highest point of the city - Ulriken, and we saw an old city of Bergen. Norway was our last meeting.