The project Future in the past is about joining the past and the present to point at the current situation in the world.

By using modern technology we will create material, which will combine the past with the present and the future to invoke anti-nacism and anti-racism moods. All of the participants of this project struggled during The Second World War. A lot of our ancestors went through it and told us many stories, which are not only interesting but also frightening and full of sadness. Many veterans are still alive and who we annually meet at the World War II remembrance ceremony. They always say some story and even after many years, the stories make us have goosebumps. Not only of how it was but also of what if it happens again.

But on the other hand, there are also some funny stories with happy endings, beautiful songs, and pictures that we have to keep as a national heritage and let people know about them. Moreover, there are still a lot of material things that people saved from WW II that are worth to be published. In our areas, you can attend a lot of monuments which that tourists may even not know about and are worth seeing. This was the starting point for our idea. Use all the treasures we have there and find similar ones in other countries that have the same or similar history as we do. In this project, there are four participants - Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Norway. We would like to join the countries that our students do know much about, so it might be exciting for them to explore something new. When we join the towns of our partners on the map, we create our logo - a broken heart, which is still beating and not giving up. From every school, ten students and two accompanying people will visit one of the partner's countries and create the material. So altogether there will be four meetings, one in every country hosting thirty - six people.